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Can We Go For Fishing? 





Sit Down Whit Your Fishing-Rod and Time Fly...

Can We Use Angle To Catch People To? Yes But It Have to be Other Angle as Advertising, Email Marketing or Mailing that I Prefer to call This Promotion.

In the beginning we all have a big workload to fix we have to create our own member-list. We can not send spam we have to build a list.

I will upload a number of articles and want you to read at list some of them to make an upswing in your start...

The Basics of Internet Marketing Promotion

Thousands of business and web enthusiasts are taking the big risk and joining the exciting world of internet marketing. While seemingly overwhelming at first, internet marketing and promotion can actually be classified into three simple categories: market research, search engines, and e-zine advertising. Those interested in the internet marketing field should first familiarize themselves with the very basics of what makes this fast growing business venture tick.

Determining how much money to invest in your overall internet marketing campaign, and deciding the people and places which to target the main product, are defined as market research. This research is the most basic section of the internet marketing focus. Investing the correct sum of money to the right groups is essential in market research, and internet marketing in general. Proper research will eventually conclude the outcome of your entire business campaign.

Search engines have been a popular form of advertising, both past and present, in the internet marketing community. Search engines are divided into two sections: search engines and directories, and pay per click engines. While the most favoured and effective form of internet marketing promotion, this category is also the most expensive. Excellent search engine marketing and placement can quite time consuming as well, and it is best if submission is left to an experienced professional.

Another extremely effective, yet inexpensive form of internet marketing promotion is e-zine advertising. Using the information gathered from your market research, you should be well aware of what your target audience desires. Find out what kinds of online publication or newsletters your internet marketing targets are interested in, and purchase advertising from these sources. Ads generally are available in three basic types: solo ads, top-line ads, and classified ads. Solo ads are the best ads because they are sent to the entire publication list.

These ads are also beneficial for internet marketing promotion because they contain only your ad. However, solo ads are the most expensive. While classified ads may be a low-cost alternative, they will not be much help in your plight for internet marketing success, but it will be a start.
These tiny ads are placed at the end of the newsletter, and are usually overlooked by the majority of readers.

But in this days we will open a brand new marketing software that will make a big difference for all that work with classified ads.

Ad Plotter 2.0 Are Soon Ready to Help The Growing market Of Online Selling

READY, STEADY... SOON GO! Online selling just got a whole lot easier...

With over 66% of Americans shopping online because of its convenience, its important for online sellers to reach these consumers. With online sales on the rise one company has simplified the process for sellers. AdPlotter has made a way  for online classified advertisers to post on hundreds of sites simultaneously with A cloud based solution with head office in San Antonio, Texas - Businesses and individuals all over the world use online classified ads daily to drive leads and sales.

This marketing process has been very time consuming for sellers to post to hundreds of classified ad sites one by
one, monitor each placement and then update the ads separately on a regular basis.
Online sellers will now have a better option from a new ad-posting engine called AdPlotter. This unique system allows advertisers to list an item for sale, select the category where it is to appear, upload the images, then quickly and easily simultaneous post to hundreds of high traffic classified ad sites at once.

Ad Plotter puts an end to the tedious visiting of each classified ad site and labour intensively uploading the same copy and offer over and over again, Ad Plotter offers a one-stop posting tool.

In celebration of  launching the new service, individuals and businesses can try it for free by visiting the company website at www.AdPlotter.com

According to the developer, JB Internet Holdings Corp. CEO Joel Sauceda, "as a long time online marketer, I always dreamed of a program capable of eliminating the repetitive steps to posting classified ads on many websites and finally realized I would have to direct my team to create it, because no reliable alternative existed."

Ad Plotter allows users to:

 • Post to multiple sites like Backpage, Ebay classifieds and hundreds of others with a single listing

 • Select from multiple classified ad categories

 • Upload images for the ad only once

 • Monitor the traffic of the various postings (beta)

 • And manage the product inventory

Since Ad Plotter is a 100% cloud based system, there is no software to download, install or maintain.

 For a free trial of Ad Plotter visit:


This will light-up online marketing
Reggie Engdahl

Author: Reggie Engdahl at http://www.mylearntoearnonline.com
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Do You Want To Making Money Online?

The questions everyone working online wants to have a answer to are:

1) How do I make money online?

2) How quickly can I make money online?

3) How much will it cost me to start making money online?

4) Who is making money online?

5) Where do I start?

How do I make money online?  The same way you make money off line--you work for it.  This is not what people want to hear as there are so many sites on the Internet telling you that you can make easy money with no work and no investment.  If that was true, nobody would be working online because everyone would be retired.

I have been working online since 1999 and I have seen so much junk on the Internet and so many scam sites, it is ridiculous, but what is worse are the number of people who fall for those scams--the lure of easy money is so powerful that people do not use common sense when they start trying to work online.

I recently read one ad that said you can retire in 10 weeks by turning $25 into $50,000.  They must be selling magic because the only way to turn $25 into $50,000 is to get 2,000 other people to buy in with you and this assumes you get the entire $25 payment fee.

So first to make money online, stop believing the hype and junk on the Internet.  Get serious and start building your prospect list and you can do that with this website's tools and information...

How Quickly Can I Make Money?  This all depends on you and what you are doing.  Do you have a legal program you are involved with?  Are you willing to commit time to your business?  Are you selling one of those get rich quick scams?  Do you have a prospect list?

Hey, there is that prospect list again--yes if you have your own prospect list, you can make money fairly quickly, but if you don't, then you will most likely never make a profit and if you do it is going to take years--not weeks or days.

I had a lady send a support ticket last week and told me she needed to make fast money.  I told her what I would tell anyone and that is to drive down the highway and throw dollar bills out the window because that is the only way to make fast money.

Now, I was not trying to be mean, but this is the honest truth and while everyone else is out there telling you how simple or how quick you can make money, I am going to tell you the truth.  Some will listen and others won't, but the ones who won't will not be working online very long and they are going to lose a lot of money.

The time to start working online is not when you are down to your last dollar.  The time to start working online is when you have a few extra dollars to invest in your business and you use that money to start building your prospect list.

If you need fast money, get off the Internet because all you are going to do is lose money by falling for the scams of fast money.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Start Making Money? This also depends on you and what you are doing and whether or not you have your own prospect list.  Yes, there is that prospect list thing again.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get profitable and you won't waste money on advertising if you are tracking your ads, and focusing your advertising on building your prospect list.
For example here is what most people do when they come online to make money.

1) They find something they want to sell, and they sign up for it.  Most people get involved with multiple programs at the same time which is always a mistake as you don''t want to spread yourself too thin.

2) Then they go out and advertise whatever it is they are selling using the company supplied capture pages and Auto responder messages.  This is mistake number two because all they are doing is building the company's list--not their own.  They also get no direction or help regarding advertising and because they are involved with a variety of things, they flounder with what to do first.

3) They get frustrated because money does not start flowing immediately like they were told it would and then they move on to something else.

This type of approach is great for the company you are promoting as you are building their prospect list for free and they don't care whether you make money or not because they have new leads to promote to after you leave.

The Team and List Is All That Matters! The Money Is In The List Old But True Statement

Online Success Check list

Below is a starting check list to succeeding online.  Take these, add your own and create a winning blueprint for online success.
These are not in any set order, but all are important aspects of working and succeeding online.

You will need money to succeed online.

One of the biggest killers of people starting a business online or off line is that they run out of money before their business gets
going. This is probably especially true online because all the spammers and the not serious are telling you that you can make instant money or retire in a month or year.

Here is a good rule to follow for making money:  For every thousand dollars a month of income you want to make, you should plan on it taking you 10 months to get to that point and costing you a minimum of $800 in up front costs.  So if you need to make $3,000 a month, it will take about 30 months and your out of pocket costs will be around $2,400.

You won't need this amount up front, but you will need to budget a minimum of this much to get where you want to be.
Now I know this is not what you want to hear, but this is what you need to hear and if you're not willing or able to invest in your business, then don't waste your time trying because while there are exceptions to the above rule, they are few and far between.

Don't get involved with working online and take the lottery mentality where you think you will be the one who is different and you will be the one to break the rule. This will only lead to loss of money and eventual failure online.

Play things conservatively, plan for the worst case situation and then if things happen faster--great and if not, then at least you are prepared and you can continue on while those who don't plan and jump in without any money to get them through the tough times fail.

If you think you can make money for free--You're Wrong.

This again is another of the great lies of the Internet where you have sites telling you that you can make money for free. You cannot make money for free, so if this is your train of thought, get off the Internet now because you will be miserable.

Here again, you need to use some common sense and realize that if everything is free, where does the money come from to pay you?  I have seen sites that tell people they can make thousands of dollars for free every month and they always make me laugh.

Actually it is sad to think anyone can be dumb enough to fall for this crap, but tens of thousands of people do and they all lose in the long run because while they are chasing the elusive dream, the smart people are doing things right, investing in their business and growing it the right way.

Normally you will need to invest in online marketing tools. But join here: http://www.leadsleap.com/go/50288

In any business you start, there are certain tools you need.  If you were going to start a restaurant, you would need to invest in certain tools before you opened the restaurant or the restaurant would fail. But if you follow our advice you will have all the tools and information in that membership.

Can you imagine trying to open a restaurant without pans, grills, ovens etc.?  Unfortunately this is what the vast majority of people do when working online, they start their business without the tools they need to succeed and they are setup for failure right out of the gate.

The main tools you are going to need will be an Auto responder, Capture Page Creator and Ad Tracker.  You get all these and more with your membership we recommend, so you are set already.

The Auto responder is used to build your prospect list and mail offers to your list. The Capture Page Creator gives you full control over your lead prospecting pages and the ability to test and try different headline, copy, images etc.  The Ad Tracker is used so you know where your hits are coming from so you don't waste time advertising your capture page in places that don't work.

Don't even think about getting involved with any program, product or service until you have these 3 tools ready to work for you.

You cannot use free tools either and you cannot use Auto responders and Capture Pages supplied by the program you're involved with.

Using free tools is just a complete waste of time because they will be ad infested and are very unprofessional. Using the replicated capture pages supplied by a program and their Auto responder means you are only building a list for the program and not for you.
You are working online for you and not for a program, so take full control of the entire online process.

You will need to devote time to your online business.

It's sad that people spend 2 - 3 hours a day watching television, yet they think their online business is going to grow without any help or support.

Reading the latest joke or watching the latest viral video does nothing to help your business. You need to invest time just as you need to invest money to run and build your business.

The amount of money you make online will be directly proportional to the amount of time you invest in your business. If you only spend a few minutes a day promoting or learning how to work online, then you can expect a long and difficult road to success.

If you use your time wisely in working online and never stop doing something positive with your time and your business, you can see faster and more impressive results.

You should set up an agenda for your business and follow the agenda as closely as possible. There is a saying for Scuba Divers that goes like this:  Plan your dive and dive your plan. This simply means that before a scuba diver goes in the water, he/she has laid out a plan of action of what they are going to do, where they are going to go and how long they will stay down.

You need to do the same for your business and lay out a plan of action for everything from advertising to investing to managing your business daily, weekly and monthly and then follow your plan of action.

You will need patience.

This is a tough one for some people as they want success yesterday, but you will need so have patience with your business because building any business takes time. Here again, I know the scammers are telling you that you can have instant success, but that is not the way things work in the real world.

Just as we talked about setting an agenda and plan of action, you also need to add time frames to each of those so you can measure your success and not get frustrated if things don't happen overnight.

Be patient and plan for the long haul.  Whenever I create anything online, I plan on losing money for a minimum of 2 years. 
If things work out for the best and I make money faster, that's great, but if not, then at least I am prepared for the 2 years.

If you believe the hype online that you can succeed and make hundreds or thousands within days or weeks, you are only setting yourself up for failure.

Take it slow, do the right things and you can achieve the results you want. Remember that even Google and Facebook lost money for years before they ever made a dime.

You will need the right mentality to succeed online.

Before you ever do anything online, you need to make sure you have the right mentality and this has nothing to do with your intelligence.

Those who succeed with any business, online or off line have a can do attitude and they don't give up when things are tough.

They are fighters and not quitters.  They are motivated and upbeat and not down and depressed all the time.

Successful people find a way to make things happen while those who don't succeed are always looking to blame someone else.

If you are going to succeed online, you need to take control, keep moving forward and not give up when things get tough. You need to have the resolve that you are going to succeed, you are going to do the right things and follow your head and not your heart and use common sense when getting involved with anything.

You need to sell what you believe in and not just for the money.

There are tens of thousands of programs on the Internet and more come online every single day. Some of these programs are very good and some are very bad.

You need to find something you believe in and something you use yourself instead of just going with something because they say you can make millions.

Selling something just for the money is always a mistake. I remember listening to Zig Ziglar years ago when he said if you're selling Fords, you need to drive a Ford and if you're selling Chevys, you need to drive a Chevy.

Think about that for a minute and how would you feel if I am trying to sell you some vitamin, but I don't use it myself or if I try and sell you my marketing system, but I use some other marketing system.  Doesn't give you much confidence in the product or service does it?

I see this all the time where people are just selling something for the money and a prime example of this is free affiliate programs.  Most affilite programs are free to join because the company wants as many people selling their service as they can get.

The reality is the vast majority of those people never do anything with the affiliate program because they have no motivation to do so.

As a business owner, I only want people selling my system who use my system so while a free member can be an affiliate, he/she is not getting paid until they are full paying members because if they don't use it, how can they endorse it to others?

So do your research on the program or service you get involved with and make sure you use the product or service and that it does what it says it does and be careful of testimonials.

I purchased some vitamins online and the main reason I purchased the brand I did was because the company had 100 times more testimonials than any other similar site. Then after I got the vitamins, I found out why. Everyone who purchases from this company gets $50 worth of vitamins for free if they submit a testimonial.

Great marketing tactic, but totally wipes out the validity of the product. As soon as I saw this, I immediately returned the vitamins and got a refund without even taking the vitamins. I personally detest fraud and that is all this was, pure and simple fraud.

Also don't put a lot of fatuity in all the negatives of a company either because generally only those who are not happy will complain while those who are satisfied will not say anything.

Bottom line is to do your due diligence for anything you get involved with.

You will need to advertise your business.

One final piece of the check list is advertising your business and this is where many people fall flat. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways to advertise online and there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of places to advertise online.

Lack of advertising is one of the biggest reasons why people fail online because if nobody knows about you, how can they buy.

Consistent advertising is another part of the advertising picture.  You cannot just advertise when you want to and do it once a month, you need to advertise every single day and advertise multiple times a day.

I am not going into a lot of details on advertising in this article as advertising is several articles or books by itself, but you need to understand before you get started that advertising or lack of advertising can make or break any business in the world.


Succeeding online is not as easy as many want you to believe. 
There will be hard times. 
There will be times you want to quit. 
There will be good times and there will be bad times, but you just have to keep moving forward, plan for as many aspects of working online as you can, use your common sense and avoid the scams of the Internet..

The Most Direct Route To Success! Follow My Track!

Written by Reggie Engdahl
Founder of the http://www.MyLearnToEarnOnline.com

Email Marketing Strategies-Do's And Dont's For Best Strategy

Email marketing is one of the primary methods you will use to promote your product and try to get people to actually buy your product. Like every other method of advertising, email marketing has it's shares of doe's and don't s. Following the best email marketing strategies and minimizing mistakes will offer you the best chance to be successful and make money.

But how do you know what the best strategies are? Well people have their ideas on what is best and what is not, so I can not guarantee these will work for you. But personally, I have found these methods to be quite effective and if you are struggling, then why not give them a try?

1. Use your web page. The first hurdle in email marketing is to get a list of emails. You might be tempted to purchase a list or something, but this is a mistake. These lists often do not contain any email addresses you can use, so it is best to get them on your own.
Putting up places on your website where they can sign up and get a free offer (a sample of sorts) and be added to your email list is the best method you can use for gathering a list.

2. Resend emails. Once you have your list and are looking to use email marketing strategies when sending your emails, remember to always resend them. If you are using software it can tell you if the person opened the email or not. If they did not, try renaming the subject and sending it again. However be careful not to spam them, if they consistently refuse to look at your email, give up as they clearly are not interested and you are just bothering them.

3. Add a summary. At the end of your emails, especially longer ones, always throw in a little note at the end to summarize what the email is about. As sad as it might be, most people have very short attention spans and if they see a giant wall of text, they likely wont read it. Adding a few sentences at the bottom to sum it up might pique their interest so that they read the whole thing for more details.

4. Word your emails well. I have found that the emails themselves need to be spot on to ensure they stay interested. To do this, try to keep it informal. They want to know they are dealing with a person. Do not be overly familiar, but do not be rigid either. Also try to include links to your website in your email so they can go straight there if they see something they like.
More email marketing strategies for the email itself would include things such as it's length. You do not want your email being overly long otherwise they may not read it. One last thing to remember is to put some space between the end of your email and any sign up type links so that they do not accidently click it.

Author: Reggie Engdahl at http://www.mylearntoearnonline.com
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Website traffic tricks to avoid it been sucked down the drain

If you are looking for quality website traffic for your site, there are a lot of techniques you can think of to make that happen.

However, you have to be aware that there are also website traffic experts out there that are just waiting to pounce on you and will make you hinder you from achieving success out of something you have worked so hard for.

Things to know and avoid so your time, effort and money will not be sucked down the drain.

1. Check out sites that are offering free software or free submissions before you start setting up a budget for advertising. Not all paid sites are better than free ones. Take note that there are other sites that are offering reliable and useful free services.
If you choose free sites, you will have an advantage on what your business will result to without having to pay anything for it. Try to incorporate into your site what you have gotten and monitor if they will be effective to your website traffic or not. This will serve as your future reference.

2. Do not shed out some cash on information that you could have gotten for free. There are many websites you can check out that gives all the information with no charge. These websites are posting valuable things like techniques and tips that will prove helpful in increasing your website traffic.
3. Never believe in promises that seem to good to be true. It might turn out to be just that. For sure, you will encounter persons that tell you that they are the best and that they can bring a bunch of website traffic to your site.
It would be best to check out their credentials first before going on ahead. Do some research about these people and their site. Remember that promises are not often made into reality. See beyond the words.

4. Stop what works poorly and do more of what works well. If you have done something that somehow increased your website traffic, hold on to that and expound. But if you notice that it is not doing what it is supposed to do, dispose of it immediately.
There are a lot of software and technique that you can use that will prove far more effective. Do not try to hold on to something that does not give any good results to your site. They are just a waste of your time.

5. Learn to do everything yourself, and fast. When you have learned and understood the intricacies of website traffic, you will not need other people’s expertise anymore.
Having a knowledge of how things work will make it difficult for others to make the most of you. You will not be easily talked into something you might regret later on. Research over the Internet about the tools and strategies you can use to increase your website traffic. In addition, try to research about things that are unimportant and you do not need necessary need. These things can save you a lot of money too.

6. Make the most out of the money you are spending. When you are into the success of your website, you would not think twice about spending every money you have just to make everything work.
But then, you have to be aware that there are a lot of schemers out there wanting to get hold of you hard-earned money. Be wary of who you are giving it out to.

7. Your website. The look and feel of your site is one determining factor on the number of website traffic you will be getting. A professional looking site with easy access to everything will attract more traffic than a site that people cannot find easily or is too cluttered.

8. Have someone review your website. Ask them to give you an honest assessment about how your site appears to them. Negative comments are more helpful than positive ones because these will help you change what should be changed.

9. Check out the people offering you their services. Do not fall prey to some pretentious individuals that do not really care about you and your website traffic. They are unto something that will benefit them more than you.

Be on the lookout for this kind of persons. But you can also find plenty of trustworthy contacts on the net for example on: http://www.fiverr.com

Written by Reggie Engdahl
Founder of the http://www.MyLearnToEarnOnline.com

Some Tips About List building...

Taking List Building Programs to the Next Level…
There are dozens of effective traffic methods I use to run my online businesses, but still to this day, List Builders are one of the most effective of all… including web 2.0 techniques.
I know that’s a bold statement, and I have worked with many people that have tried List Builders and had limited success. When delving into their campaigns I almost always find the same problems. And that’s what has prompted me to put this “Tips-guide” together.

There are certain things you should be doing to maximize your results, and I’m going to share those with you. I’m also going to tell you why you should do these things and give some compelling examples as to how and why these techniques work.
I’d also like to give some ideas on how to make the most money with List Building programs, using multiple techniques. None of this work is hard, but it does involve investing a little bit of time, and being a little creative!

So let’s get right into it… no fluff or fill, just the bare bones, get it done stuff you can start putting into action within minutes!

Sidebar: This material is going to be based on what I feel to be the most effective List Building Program currently online. Most programs use some form of the features we’re going to cover here, so the information is applicable to nearly all systems in some form. Other sites may use different names for their features but you’ll find that most work in some similar fashion. Few sites will have as many methods to promote your product or service, but they’ll all have at least some. I’ll cover the sites I know to work below, and will explain how to use them to get exponential results as well.

How to Get the Most from System Mailers. The Power of the Presell and some software.
There are a few things most people do wrong when using the “mailer” part of a List Building program. These are easy to correct and will have you seeing increased results from the moment you send your next email!

The first thing you want to consider is your Subject line. This is what ultimately get’s your email opened. You can spend all day writing a great email with a powerful message that really converts your prospects to customers, but without the right Subject line it will never be seen.
Many people will say that on the “click for credit” links that are in a lot of mailer programs, it’s not so important because people are going to open the email and click the link bringing them to your website anyway, so you’re going to get the traffic regardless.
Well, that’s partly right but I can tell you that the traffic you are going to get will be much less likely to convert. If you agree with that then you already have a good handle on email marketing… nice job!

But more specifically, let’s put it on paper as to why, so we can remember as we’re writing our campaigns… It’s true that for most list building programs that utilize a click for credit system, a good number of users are more interested in earning credits so they can send their message out to other members, than they are in them to take some on site action such as opting in. This is effort well spent and we’ll talk more about this in the next section on Squeeze Pages.

But if you concentrate more on the actual message bringing member’s to your page, forcing a sort of “pre-sell” and putting them in the position of “I have to know more!”, or “I have to have that!” even before they see your page then they’ll be far more likely to take action immediately once they click through to your site.

Remember, you only have 15-20 seconds to “sell” a customer once they hit your site… what if you had the job done even before they landed on your web page?

Regarding the Subject line… this is your first chance to draw customers into your product or service.

Building opt in list and affiliate marketing have become synonymous to online success as an effective internet marketing strategy. For many online sites, building opt in list and affiliate marketing have proven quite profitable. Primarily because most online users are not exposed to any unscrupulous internet marketing strategies prevalent on the World Wide Web.
As an effective Internet marketing strategy, users are given the option to sign-up for information or service provided by a particular site. Building opt in list and affiliate marketing reduces the risk of spamming since the recipient voluntarily chooses to receive emails from a website. Plus, building opt in list and affiliate marketing provides a direct link to the subscriber that will help shape a formidable customer relationship that will keep on going.

The basics of building opt in list and affiliate marketing
Different websites have different ways of building opt in list and affiliate marketing. However there are some tried and tested formulas to help new affiliate marketers develop their own opt in listing for their site. The first and most important factor to determine in building opt in list and affiliate marketing is to establish the site's target market.

Once the target market is established, building opt in list and affiliate marketing can be customized to meet their demands. This can be done using a variety of methods to convince site visitors to sign up for the site's newsletter or e-zine. After signing up, the customer will begin to receive a variety of newsletters, e-zines and brochures that the customer had registered for.

Strategies for building opt in list and affiliate marketing
There are a number of strategies that affiliate marketers can use for building opt in list and affiliate marketing. One way of building opt in list and affiliate marketing is by purchasing or leasing a subscribers list from third-parties. This is usually done by affiliate marketers in order to get easy access to many people who have consented to receiving e-mails, newsletters and e-zines on various topics.
Although it is the fastest approach to building opt in list and affiliate marketing, this method does not provide a focused consumer group for building opt in list and affiliate marketing. In addition, it may cost an affiliate marketer more than what they expect to receive in sales. Fortunately, there are other ways for affiliate marketers to get the most out of building opt in list and affiliate marketing.

Enlisting for co-registration services is great for building opt in list and affiliate marketing. This service usually costs about 10 cents to 30 cents per subscriber but it easily translates into an average of three hundred subscribers daily to an affiliate marketer's opt in list.

Writing articles is also an effective strategy for building opt in list and affiliate marketing. The articles can be published in various newsletters with specific links to the affiliate marketer's site. This serves as a great introduction to potential subscribers that would encourage them to sign up for an opt in list.

Joint ventures are also a valuable strategy in building opt in list and affiliate marketing. Joint ventures are a hundred percent free and at the same time can add up to hundreds of subscribers to an opt in list daily.

Incentives for building opt in list and affiliate marketing
Building opt in list and affiliate marketing can also be encouraged by offering incentives to potential subscribers. This subtle form of encouragement for building opt in list and affiliate marketing often helps stir the interest of potential subscribers to sign up for the opt in list. There are a number of methods used in affiliate marketing to egg on potential subscribers to sign up.

Offering products and services in exchange for signing up is commonly practised by many affiliate websites. Products may include special e-books or software that would be of interest to the subscriber. Another way to get subscribers to sign up is to offer them special services that are only available for site members.

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