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Learn How to Increase your Web Traffic
By Reggie Engdahl

The Web traffic is a major part of a website. Websites are not able to function without it, as it is the amount of data and information received and sent by a website visitor. A website should have increased web traffic in order to survive. To increase the web traffic, a website should have many visitors.

How are you going to increase the web traffic of your web site? If you are a web developer or ecommerce owner, increasing the amount of visitors in your website is of extreme importance. For you to gain many visitors, you need to use the following methods to learn more about increasing the traffic of your website.

• You only need to maintain a particular content of your website. Your website should contain all the information your visitors need. The information you should feed your reader must contain many links to your website. You also have to put quality content to give your visitors reason to come back.

• Have a regular distribution of newsletters. Newsletter serves as a reminder to your visitors that your website still exists. You should send newsletters especially to those who have subscribed but has failed to visit your site for a long time. Write and send newsletters on a regular basis. It can be monthly or weekly as long as the newsletter you will be sending to your subscribers is of quality and has convincing content.

• Make a forum or community posts. This will give you information to all the asked questions of your visitors. Not only that, it also answers all the questions of your visitors including yours. It also gives you information that you can add to your website. Get your self involved in the forum, and add your advertisements as well as your URL.

• You can run contests or promos that will encourage your visitors to log on to your website repeatedly. Promos and contests will catch the interest of your visitors. Make them go after your good prize; it will make them excited to win. You should make your visitors aware of your rules, like the most times that a visitor uses your website, the more chances of winning. This catchy promotion will absolutely increase the web traffic of your website.

• Invite good writers to your website. From writing your own web contents, you are sure to save money from it. However, there are things you need to master before you can write a quality article. By inviting writers with good reputation, your site will be a good hit to the visitors especially to the ones who appreciate good insightful literature. They are going to write quality articles that will make your visitors comeback to your website.

• You can also invite special personalities in your website. They can join the forum together with all your visitors. You can hold a special event where your visitors will be given a chance to chat with a prestigious personality. They are given special privilege to ask questions and chat with the special personality invited.

• Advertise your website through banners, text links, magazines, newspapers, media and offline advertisements. This is an invitation that should catch the attention. Make sure to make convincing advertisements. Aside from the mentioned above you can also try giving away free e-books or articles as well as classified ads.

• You can also give the top visitors free items or freebies. These items are given to the frequent visitors of your website. Pens, shirts, stress balls and many others that can be given with your website’s name and URL. This will be a good advertisement.

To build a good website, you must build a good reputation. It is the most effective way to make your website famous. This is attained through writing emails and making good contents of your website. You can also write articles on other websites as long as you put a small resource box after your article. This will serve as the link to your website. With more articles you made, the more chance of getting more traffic in your website.

You are able to get the major numbers of traffic in your website by using the following methods. If you want to earn money, you have to work for it, and you need to do lots of effort to attain effective and positive popularity of your website.

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Some How To... you need to Know about Web Traffic
By Reggie Engdahl

The amount of traffic determined in a particular website will show its popularity over other sites. By evaluating the statistics of visitors, there is a possibility of locating the shortcomings of the site and improving it. This will encourage more visitors to view the site.

Nevertheless, it also needs necessary protection against harmful elements in the Internet. Therefore, in addition to encouraging site visitors, another factor to take care of is properly controlling the web traffic.

Limited Access

Most of the pages are accessible to the visitors. However, several sections need to be restricted, allowing only authorized people to visit such sections.

Examples of these sites are for downloading different genre of files such as music and movie files. Some sites are requiring the visitor to have their registration be completed before accessing its pages.

In case of online viewing subscription, visitors must have their own user name and identification number or password in order to gain access to the site’s pages. These kinds of sites are only allowing people who subscribed to their site’s services.

Increasing Web Traffic

Either there are “off-limit” segments in a particular site or “pay per view” sections, the main purpose of web sites is to gain popularity to web visitors. Even there is limited access, site administrators still formulate strategies to increase web traffic.

One of these strategies is by placing the site in popular search engines and purchase of advertisements such as pop-ups and bulk e-mail messages. The site must be placed in the first page of the search engine. Remember that once the visitor already found one in the first page, the percentage of browsing the subsequent pages is getting lower.

Aside from proper placement of the site in search engines, other things can increase its web traffic. One way is by offering free e-books or articles. It can be used to build some links directly to that site. This can be done by sending e-mail to similar sites and asking if it is willing to be linked in that particular site.

Another is by writing to e-zines or to free article sites. It will be of great help in establishing a popular link directly to that particular site.

Paid Advertisement

There are sites that prefer advertising on other popular sites. It is usually called e-marketing. It takes the form of the following:

• Banner advertising. In most pages bears different banners of other sites. It is sold in thousands, and referred to as cost per impression (CPM).
• Pay per clicks. These are keywords or key phrases that advertisers are providing to their clients. The visitors can only “click”
and gain access to a particular page if he pays for it.

Pop-up advertisements are also form of advertising to attract more visitors in a site. However, most people consider it as a nuisance and bearers of different genres of viruses.

Traffic Overload

Too much web traffic can slow down or even facilitate total failure of access to a certain site. It is usually caused by huge volume of file requests going to the server than it can handle. It can annoy the visitors accessing to some vital information. It is a factor that every site administrator must be considered.

Aside from overloading, several programs force a particular site to close. One example is the denial of service attacks (DOS attacks). It works by attacking a computer system or network. It can result to loss of service to users.
It sends more requests in a site than the actual one it could handle. Viruses have also been used for large-scale DOS attacks.

A sudden explosion of publicity may also cause web traffic overload. Examples of these are quickly propagating e-mails and link from a popular site that can result to a sudden boost in visitors that overwhelms the site.
Some websites have been forced to close after sudden mass increase of traffic. The ones forced to close are particularly those run by individual charter the bandwidth from an Internet service provider or a hosting site.

There are also sites supported by large companies running such have also caught their own servers over popularity.
It is important that a site can handle possible web traffic problems. Anticipate its consequences or get the site close is the decision of the site administrator.

Always remember that web traffic articles must be in good thought and standing. Articles can invite the visitors to often view the websites. The content of the websites reflects the personality of the Webmaster. It also shows the level of expertise the website has.

Author Reggie Engdahl At
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