Short About REn Marketing Tips What Is This?
The story or background for this web-page is this. I have struggle to make it possible to start earning some extra money online. Well I need a web-page so I learn to build one and beginning. I start to find one temple and some was free, others was available
for a acceptable fee. I was overwhelmed from presentation and design and a lot of great tools. I read the instruction and view some videos I understand that here was much new thing to learn...

After many weeks I have to accept to my self that this wonderful site never will be as I will have it. So start to learn how to build a site with HTML. And the result is this site.

I have to make some decisions... what niche will I work within, what name can I use and so on. In my working life I know that a business most have many customers.  

More will soon be presented here at this page.


Reggie Engdahl

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